Representative teacher

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Academician Xian Xuefu, Academician Li Xiaohong

Foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Michael Hood

Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor

Professor Lu Yiyu, Professor Yang Chunhe

Recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund

Professor Lu Yiyu, Professor Yang Chunhe

Leading talents of science and technology innovation in China and youth in the National Ten Thousand Talents Program

Professor Lu Yiyu

National candidate of the New Century Millions of Talents Project

Academician Li Xiaohong, Professor Hu Qianting, Professor Lu Yiyu

New Century Talent Support Program of Ministry of Education was selected

Professor Lu Yiyu

Experts enjoying special government allowance

Professor Cao Shugang, Professor Jiang Deyi, Professor Lu Yiyu, Professor Hu Qianting, Professor Wu Yanqing, Professor Yu Bin

National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Science Foundation

Professor Chen Jie

Excellent scientist in Chongqing

Professor Hu Qianting

Chongqing "Liangjiang Scholars"

Professor Jiang Deyi, Professor Hu Qianting

Winner of Chongqing Outstanding Youth Fund

Professor Lu Yiyu

Chongqing "Bayu Scholar"

Professor Gu Min

Chongqing "Overseas Hundred Talents Plan"

Professor Liang Yunpei

Chongqing elite, innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team

"Transparent" Mine Detection Technology Team Leader: Professor Wu Yanqing

Top-notch young talents in Chongqing

Professor Chen Jie

Chongqing Yingcai.Top-notch young talents

Professor Ge Zhaolong, Professor Zhong Dongliang, Professor Zhang Zhenyu, Associate Professor Liu Wei